A brief approach to English literature was the perfect excuse for Balbordo's    last meeting.
The book we chose was Dangerous Journey, by Alwyn Cox, and our first commentary was that it was about two journeys rather than about one.
The first one was through the jungle; four men who drive their car in the search of iron and other metals, and the difficulties they face driving with the inconvenience of a storm, rain, mud....
Their second journey was one towards friendship; these four men find themselves in extreme situations which will take them to try out their feelings, originally negative to one another. One of them, Joe, will help his "enemy", Leon, several times until the moment when he will save his life, and enemies become friends.
Someone in the meeting said that the end was predictable, but most of us didn't agree.
We enjoyed the story and we enjoyed speaking English. Now we look forward to our next meeting.

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