Last Thuesday, January 29th, in Balbordo´s second group, we discussed the winter reading, George R.R. Martin´s The Ice Dragon.  We read this book entirely in English, on an electronic device, using our library´s e-books.

We talked about the author and about the huge success of his A Game of Thrones, to focus then in The Ice Dragon, a story full of lyricism, starring winter girl Adara, a pretty girl with "pearlskin" and born in winter.

The story is full of contrasts between north and south, heat and cold, war dragons and ice dragon, cheerful uncle and taciturn father, between war and peace.

We discussed the experience of reading on ebooks, comfortable support for all, and funny for its novelty.  An English reading  gave us much talk about.  Despite the habit acquired in the English class, reading for pleasure in another language was a curious experience for us.  Would you try it?

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